The Kazar brand sets trends. Its ambitious style equals the world designers. Kazar stands for sensuality, originality and prestige. Every season the company launches new collections of luxury products: shoes, bags and belts, which meet the expectations of customers, celebrities and the leading trend-setters of the Polish fashion. These accessories combine the avant-garde, good taste, originality and unconditional devotion to quality. The modern design and precise finishing go hand in hand with the exceptional care for each detail. The Kazar collections are the accomplishment of the modern lifestyle of a contemporary woman and man. Kazar helps to create your own definite, exceptional style, to express yourself and to present yourself in a unique way.

Kazar is the brand which has been loved by the Polish designers and stylists. It is appreciated for its brave design and uncommon style; it is identified with sensual high-heels. The brand is presented on the most prestigious runways accompanying the shows of the leading designers. More and more often the Kazar shoes are chosen for the fashion shows by the Polish fashion creators like: Paprocki & Brzozowski, Teresa Rosati, Dawid Woliński, Lukasz Jemioł, Agnieszka Maciejak and Natalia Jaroszewska.

The Kazar collection is exclusively available in 46 flagship stores located in the biggest cities around Poland, in six retail outlets in the most prestigious shopping galleries around Poland, in a flagship store in Romania, in a flagship stores in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the flagship store in Hungary and in the online shop. 

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