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Hi! I’m Janet, a wedding photographer specializing in artistic documentary-style wedding photography and lifestyle portraiture. Based in Poland. Available for adventures worldwide.

My photography style is simple, warm and natural. I’m passionate about capturing pure feelings, honest emotions and authentic moments. Moments with soul and depth. Moments that you will look back on and not just remember, but actually feel something.

Through my images I’m telling the stories of people and their love. Emotions and gestures are a part of that. The way you look at each other, hold each other, smile together and cry together and do some cool things together. I want to capture that real love stuff for you. All the big moments and all the little things and especially the ones that you could never perceive by yourself.

I want you to know that on my sessions you can totally be yourself. I believe that being themselves everyone is beautiful. You might be imperfect, but that imperfection and authenticity is what makes you unique.

When I’m not working I’m probably in another galaxy grooving to some jazzy hip hop with a glass of wine in one hand. Music freak, dance lover, observer of beautiful things. With passion for travelling and exploring new places. Always smiling- so I’m told.

My photography is for couples that are passionate about life and each other. When it comes to wedding photography, I work with couples that value creativity and artistry as well as authenticity and candidness. If this sounds like you, I think we’d be a great fit!

Tell me your story, let’s meet up for a good coffee and create something magical together.


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